Compiling/Deploying custom Jetson AGX Xavier

I would like to test a custom library (containing a test app) on the Jetson Xavier. However when using the deployment script it seems to expect a .tar (or .tar.gz) as output.

Error: Package ‘//packages/xyz/apps:myapp’ did not produce a .tar or .tar.gz file

Assuming the app (along with custom components) do work with default target (x86_64), what are the necessary steps to get an app running on Jetson? I dont quite understand from the deployment script whether I have to pack the tar archives by myself or if there are scripts to do this work

Thank you very much

Can you share the command you are using for deployment?

Don’t forget to add -pkg at the end:
./engine/build/ --remote_user <username_on_robot> -p //apps/samples/stereo_dummy:stereo_dummy-pkg -d jetpack43 -h <robot_ip>

Instructions here: Deploying and Running on Jetson


Hi @TeresaC,

hm interesting, you suggested appending the ‘-pkg’ ending to some other user in an older thread already but it did not work yesterday. I thought that I must have missed some definitions in my bazel files but it was a typo. Deployment works now perfectly (just got a single symbol linking error left), thank you very much!