Compiling Drive AV, IX, Driveworks for Jetson AGX

Hi there. I would like to know whether it is feasible to crosscompile DNN modules found on Drive AV, IX and Driveworks sdk for use on Jetson Xaver AGX system?

Hi harry.roache-wilson,

No, there are many dependencies thus that’s not able to support on Jetson AGx Xaver platform.


Interesting. It would seem that many of the functions can be compiled natively on the host pc, for instance most if not all Drive Networks (drivenet, mapnet, etc). I would expect then that I can use a jetson toolchain for cross compilation on Jetson xavier. After all, cuda is a standard compute device architecture. Are you able to provide a little more detail on what is missing on the Jetson Xavier vs Drive Xavier that would prevent Drive Networks from functioning?

Obviously there are significant hardware differences (eg GMSL deseralizers, com ports, redundant systems, some compute accelerators, etc), but to what extent is Drive software capability constrained on the Jetson?

Thanks in advance

I am also trying to do same thing. You got any success. My target is to just get drivenet up and running