Compiling for Windows 64 bit machines and Max memory address


I have a windows box running XP with real 64 bit operating system and lots of memory. Despite this, I cannot run a job than requires over about 3.5 GByte of memory. This seems silly - so there must be some way around this arbitrary limit. Are there any compiler options (flags) that would allow me to get around this and gain access to more of the machine memory?



On windows, it is limited to 32-bit address for static memory, even for 64-bit system.

However, you can allocate memory dynamically, -Mlarge_arrays will do it.


I use PVF 2010 Release on an HP Z600 Workstation
(CPU: Intel Xeon E5530, 8GB RAM) and my operating system is Windows XP Pro x64. I have the same problem with a job that requires about 3GB of RAM.
I tried -Mlarge_arrays and/or -Mlargeaddressaware flags at Fortran
compiler properties but it didn’t work. The same job runs successfully using an older PGI Fortran Release for Linux, by adding the flag -mcmodel=medium…Any suggestions?