Compiling Fortran code to run on rtx 4090

Still no device side profile, but at least this gives us the host side timings.

Data transfer times look ok.

While I don’t have the times from the 1080, the times in Multigrid.for don’t look too bad. The biggest times are coming from Ult_inf_channel_b.for. The kernel at line 133 is taking ~37 seconds and line 206 is taking ~80 seconds.

Approximately how long did these run for on the 1080?

  f_dep_gf  NVIDIA  devicenum=0
    time(us): 3,287
    132: compute region reached 10 times
        133: kernel launched 10 times
            grid: [65535]  block: [128]
            elapsed time(us): total=37,301,376 max=3,750,035 min=3,709,407 avg=3,730,137
    152: data region reached 30 times
        152: data copyin transfers: 120
             device time(us): total=796 max=70 min=2 avg=6
        821: data copyout transfers: 90
             device time(us): total=1,449 max=273 min=4 avg=16
    189: update directive reached 15 times
        189: data copyout transfers: 75
             device time(us): total=608 max=71 min=4 avg=8
    192: update directive reached 15 times
        192: data copyin transfers: 75
             device time(us): total=434 max=82 min=2 avg=5
    206: compute region reached 15 times
        206: kernel launched 15 times
            grid: [3-68]  block: [128]
            elapsed time(us): total=80,640,705 max=13,058,157 min=66,917 avg=5,376,047

The 1080 took 8 s to finish the 5 frequencies. This is the overall time. I do not know the windows command for getting the details you want but I guess this says a lot.


Hi Mat,

I suspect we are not going to get much more out of WSL as far as speed is concerned. I saw some discussions on the forum about this and they were not very encouraging.

Since the program is producing good answers there can’t be much wrong with the compilation. Perhaps there are stil some improvements in speed possible but I am thinking of installing
Ubuntu as a second operating system and taking it from there. The (limited) experience I gained using WSL+Ubuntu will help in this respect.
I want to thank you for your efforts to help me get this on the road , I’m sure I’ll have some more questions in the future.

By the way, how are developments regarding the windows version of the compiler ? Any news ?

Best regards,


No sorry, nothing that I can share publicly.