compiling gstreamer 1.6 and omx plugins on TK1

I am trying to get gstreamer 1.6 working on my Jetson Tk1. The reason I want to do that is that 1.6 has some qt sink objects that I would like to use. I compiled gstreamer and all the standard plugins just fine but am having issues getting the nvidia gstomx package to compile.

Has anyone else tried that? Is it even possible to do this against gstreamer 1.6? In my application, I am trying to encode using H264 which is available HW accelerated through gstomx . Is there another alternative to do H264 encode/decode without the gstomx package on TK1? I have been struggling with this for many weeks now. Would be great if others can share some insight.

Hello, xargon:
Sure you can get and compile GST 1.6 in TK1.
There’s a script in TX1 24.1 SDK which can make things easy.
Download the R24.1 TX1 SDK in your PC, extract the root-FS, and there’s a script @ rootfs/usr/bin/gst-install.
Just run that script in your TK1 board with a little change (that script will check /etc/nv_tegra_release, you can either create that file or ignore the checking).

Refer to TX1 multimedia guide for the script usage.

Anyway, you can also do that by yourself.


Hello jachen:

Thanks for your reply!

So, I wanted to clarify one thing. So, following the multimedia guide, I could compile gstreamer-1.6 and all the plugins and installed it in my directory.

I also copied the nvidia shared libraries to the libs directory of my newly installed gstreamer. I edited the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the PATH variables. Now, I can run most of the plugins fine but I cannot use the omxh264enc plugin as it can never find it. I can use it fine with gstreamer-1.0.

Would this be solved if I use the gst-install script? I wonder if this is a path problem (not sure why as all the nvidia shared libs are where they should be)

Hello, xargon:
omxh264enc is contained @ lib:, you can check that lib in Jetson release packages.

It’s better to just use those plug-ins unrelated to hardware (like codec, video/audio sink, etc.), which NV may provide for better performance or adaption.
So my suggestion is

  1. build GST 1.6,
  2. copy plugins useful to somewhere, setup the environment variable correctly.
  3. test new plugin.

Please refer to jetson multimedia document for GST information. It cannot be guaranteed that Jetson SDK can co-work with new version GST package without any problem, if that’s not mentioned in NV official document.