Compiling Jetpack 4.2 kernel source code USB port fail on Jetson TX2

We made a carrier board for jetson TX2 P3310 module, when we porting Jetpack 3.2/3.3 to custom our carrier board, we modified device tree configuration according to NV forum suggestion and the three USB ports is ok. Now we want to porting Jetpack 4.2, we I apply the same modification on Jetpack 4.2, all of the three USB don’t work, can you get some suggestion?

The topic thread while porting Jetpack 3.2/3.3:

The modification on Jetpack 3.2/3.3, test ok:

  1. p2771-0000.config.common: ODMDATA=0x709000 config#4
  2. hardware/nvidia/platform/t18x/quill: refer to attached file “t18x_quill_patch.txt”

Thanks a lot.
t18x_quill_patch.txt (2.61 KB)


Because rel-32 is using kernel 4.9 and rel-28 is using k4.4. The device tree structure of usb is totally changed.

Please read the new TX2 adaptation guide and update your device tree.

Hi WayneWWW:

In 《Tegra_Linux_driver_Package_TX2_Adaption_Guide.pdf》, it say for detailed about xHCI, refer to nvidia,tegra186-xhci.txt, but I can’t find this file under kernel/kernel-4.9/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/

Can you show more details of kernel 4.9 device tree structure about USB, thanks!

I am sorry that this document is missing. Paste it here. (7.37 KB)