Compiling kernel 3.10 for Cardhu (Tegra T33)

Hi all!
i am trying to compile a 3.10 kernel for my carhu device (asus tf700t). I have downloaded the latest kernel sources from nvidia for Tegra but i really cannot find a conbination of options which actually compile.

I started with the config from my current kernel, a 3.1.10 workin great on Linux on my tf700t, but i does not compile. I tryied to tweak it, with no success.

Is the nvidia provided kernel sources still copatible with T33?

Does anybody have a link a working kernel configuration or a working kernel tree for my device?

thank you

NVIDIA provides kernel sources for the NVIDIA’s reference boards. For ASUS devices you need to get the kernel source from them. Even if the SOC is the same on both, the ASUS device might have peripherals not supported in the NVIDIA’s kernel.

Thanks… which means i have no luck whatsoever go get it since it seems they don’t support the tablet anymore.

Do you think there might be any luck in getting an NVIDIA 3.10 kernel and try to update with the latest Asus 3.1 where it’s missing? I guess it’s a huge work…

Yes, it could be a huge task.

Why do you want to upgrade to 3.10?

Well, i would like to try out the OpenTegra driver which it seems cannot be backported on the older kernel…

The thing is that the last nvidia drivers for tegra 3 support only ABI 15, while the current requires a newer ABI. So the user (willing to have recent versions of apps) has only few options available:

  1. keep some old linux distribution till end of life (like Ubuntu 12.04 + 5 years) and backport the applications;
  2. try to keep old server with binary nvidia driver and recompile all the rest to have it up-to-date (gentoo style);
  3. try opentegra, which requires a newer kernel and seems to be a work in progress.

People asked if nvidia updates its tegra 3 drivers, but as far as I have read it does not seem to be planned. That is a pitty.

Seems that somebody got the 3.18 running on Tegra3:

But it may still take a lot of work to get any acceleration working or all the needed peripherals supported.

I tried to write to the guy, let’s see if he replies.
Well i tried to diff the Asus provided kernel with the vanilla 3.1.10 sources but i got something like 4200 modified files!!!

Why don’t NVIDIA or Asus just provides some kernel pathces rather than full blown kernel threes???

If you read the documentation, you find out that the patches are there:

But even if the changes are as patches, the difference is still quite big.