compiling nvopencc on win32?

Has anyone managed to compile the nvopencc 2.3 sources (available at using cygwin or mingw? There seem to be several compile targets that could be used, but all of them complain early on about needing Makefile.defs, which doesn’t exist.

All the documentation for this seems to be from 2006 or so.

(I’m interested in using a windows version of the compiler that can emit intrinsics for the mul24hi and add-with-carry opcodes, which are very handy for multiple precision arithmetic).



under linux I used ‘nvopencc/src/targia32_nvisa’. There was indeed a problem with wrong path names, namely the compiler

could not find, so I had to change ROOT_DIR in ‘src/linux/make/gcommondefs’ because this file

was located in lower directory level. However I did not have a problem like yours.

I think under cygwin you should compile targia32cyg_nvisa target.

maybe if you can post the compiler message you get I’ll look at it…

Sorry for the late response, I didn’t see your reply until now. I managed to get someone to help me and obtained windows binaries that included your patches. The high-half multiply works when inserted into my code, but the other instructions that make the carry bit visible to C code cause incorrect results. Maybe I used them incorrectly; does the compiler know that add-with-carry has setting of the carry bit as a side effect? If there are multiple such chains inside a basic block and the compiler interleaves them, it could account for the incorrect results.

Fortunately, the gcc front end allows inline asm syntax to be given to the compiler, although the generated code includes lots of useless register copies. Nvidia’s back-end compiler removes all of them, and the compiler preserves the ordering of asm blocks, so it’s possible to generate the instructions I want using an unpatched nvopencc (in an unsupported manner :)

Thanks for your help.

the anonymous ftp user is restricted to the sources?

can anyone help me to get access to the sources for reference?

Thanks a lot!!!