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Hi Mat,

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Hi Angel,

I spent some time looking at this and was able to get the utils to compile by commenting out ioctl.h and uio.h and adding “-Munix” flag. pregridder seemed to link ok, but I have not tested it. I’m only guessing that this is the correctly work-around, but hopefully it will get you started. Let us know how it goes.

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I tried to compile pregridder with -Munix flag but I got the errors about BNREAD, COPEN, CCLOSE, BNSEEK again. Do you remember (I know it was before more than month) if you changed something other in the code/makefiles? Everything is compiled and the only problem is in the linker (cio.c is compiled well).

Thank you Mat.


Hey Mat!

Thanks for the -Munix option!!! It works!

You have one beer from me;)


Next time I’m in Bulgaria I’ll take you up on it!

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