Compiling problem with 14.10 on MacBook Air running Yosemite

I wanted to try out compiling with the fortran 14.10 compiler on my Macbook Air Pro, which is running Yosemite and XCODE 6.0. I’m encountering the following error:
ld: file not found: /usr/lib/crt1.o

I realize Yosemite may not be fully supported yet, but perhaps there is a workaround for this?

Support found a solution to this issue: I created a link

sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/lib/crt1.o

and pgfortran is now working fine with XCODE 6.1!

Hi Phil, I tried using that command but I still can’t get pgfortran to work with XCODE.

14.10 was supported on Snow leopard to Mavericks.
Things change a lot on MAC OS X releases, and we usually have to do
much work to add a new OS X version to what works with installs.

You have a tied PIN 519840 which should work on Yosemite.

If you want a MAC compiler, and you are not in need of GPU
support, check out .