Compiling standard f90 files with pgaccel

Hi everybody,

I am newbie in gpgpu programming and compiling.
I have a simple question about my f90 files that run normally on CPU using gfortran and ifort, I want to know if it’s possible to run the same code in my amd gpu without rewriting my standard files using pg accelerator FORTRAN.

Thank in advance.

Hi aharbilx,

PGI does target several AMD GPU and APUs using OpenACC directives (current those base on the Tahiti, Cape Verde, and Spectre architectures). Though you will need to add the directive around the compute intensive loops you wish to accelerate so some rewriting will be necessary. However, directives are treated as comments by compilers which don’t recognize them so the code would still be able to be compiled by other compilers.

I would suggest looking at our OpenACC page ( and spending a bit of time watching a webinar or two. You can then decide if OpenACC is a good fit for what you wish to accomplish.

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Than you mkcolg,
another question about amd appml, is the LAPACK, BLAS and FFT librairies are GPU ready, in other word if i won’t change my fortran code but when link it to amd appml is some calculation goes to gpu. if yes how to do compiling.
Thanks in avance

I’ve never used clMath (the new name for appml) so don’t know if they provide an Fortran interface module or if you’ll need to write one yourself. You’ll need to ask the library authors.

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