Compiling Tegra Multimedia API for x86 architecture

Hello all.

I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to compile the Tegra Multimedia API for x86_64 architecture rather than arm64 architecture, and if so, how? Just to make it clear, I’m not trying to cross compile the API from an x86 machine to a Jetson TX2 (arm64), instead I’m trying to compile the API for x86_64 architecture and use the executables on the x86 machine itself. Any help would be appreciated.



I don’t think that could be possible, because of the Tegra Multimedia API HW and SW dependencies. This API is only for Jetson family devices, so they won´t run on an x86_64 architecture or any other different system than the Jetson family devices. Many of the examples require specific hardware accelerated units like the video converter unit or the video encoders/decoders to mention some.

You can easily cross-compile it on your host machine with x86_64 architecture for a Jetson device (arm64 arch).