Compiling warning

Hi! Mat.
I have a trouble with compiling the *.f file
Before pgf 9.0.3, I used 7.1.6 version.
In that environment, the compiling the same file didn’t make any error or warning messages.
But after installing 9.0.3, there are warning.

[choingjoo@ARL-HUFS YGN]$pgf90 -r8 -O -g -o sproc4c_1.e sproc4c_1.f
PGF90-W-0155-The type of FLOAT is now double precision with -r8 (sproc4c_1.f: 429)
0 inform, 1 warnings, 0 severes, 0 fatal for rdpars

[choingjoo@ARL-HUFS YGN]$ pgf77 -r8 -O -g -o sproc4c_1.e sproc4c_1.f
PGFTN-W-0119-Redundant specification for m (sproc4c_1.f: 5074)
0 inform, 1 warnings, 0 severes, 0 fatal for qgausn

What is the change between 7.1.6 and 9.0.3?

Hi choingju,

Per a customer request, in 9.0 we changed the behavior of “FLOAT” to return a double precision value when “-r8” is present. Previously, it would return a single precision value unless “-Mr8intrinsics=float”. Because this is a change in behavior, we decided to issue a warning message.

As for the redundant specification warning, this means that the data type for m has been specified more than once. I’m not sure why you would get this warning with 9.0 and not 7.2. How is is “m” specified?

  • Mat

thank you for replying my message.

There are many changes in 9.0.3. I decide use 7.1.6. It is more easier to me.