Compiling WebKit for Wayland on Jetson TK1

I saw that the TK1 dev kit was explicitly mentioned in the announcement of the WebKit for Wayland fork ( which sounds like it might be a really neat way to get a hardware-accelerated WebGL environment on the TK1.

Has anyone had any success getting Wayland running on the TK1? In particular, the error I’m having is during the compilation of Cairo, so I’ve left an issue on the WebKitForWayland’s Cairo fork here:

If this proves to be a dead end, does anyone have any thoughts about how to get a similar environment up and running? At the moment I can’t get hardware-acceleration in Firefox working, but Chromium worked straight away. I’m keen to explore uses of the TK1 as a Chrome OS or Firefox OS device, but haven’t been able to make much progress as yet.