Compiling with Eigen 3 is super loud...

In the sense that the compiler spits out soooooo much information, mostly just warnings.

I checked with the Eigen3 site and they claim that CUDA kernels can use Eigen methods which I’m super excited about (I love Eigen) but compiling with it makes me wonder if it’s safe.

Here’s my Makefil, as it stands now :

MKFILE		= Makefile

NVCC		= nvcc --compiler-bindir /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 -lstdc++ -arch sm_21 -O4 `pkg-config --cflags --libs eigen3`

CUHEADER	= structures.cuh

EXECBIN		= regulus

all	: ${EXECBIN}

	${NVCC} -o $@ ${CUOBJECTS} -lm

%.o :

	${NVCC} -c $<

clean :

again :
	${MAKE} clean all

Hi MutantJohn,

i was wondering if you have any followup with regards to this. I’m using Eigen in CUDA kernels using now too, and i’m wondering how safe you found it.

Actually, I think I ultimately dropped it.

I’m now writing my own linear algebra routines as I need them.

For example, I stole the 3x3 determinant implementation from wikipedia and then I’m using Rosetta code’s Gaussian elimination routines where I need it.