Compiling with pgf77

When I try to compile a module of my program (objvertices.f) using pgf77 on I get the following error…

PGFTN-S-0088-Recursive subroutine or function call of objvertices (objvertices.f: 145)

Line 145 reads…
“call objvertices(nacc,nobject,vmin,vmax,.5*side,h,natom,lookmol,iepsmp)”

I don’t know much about programming, so I am looking for a general idea of what the problem may be and, if possible, a quick fix. Thanks!

Hi theNothing,

Recursive functions and subroutines (when a function calls itself directly or indirectly), need to be declared with “RECURSIVE” in the prefix. Note you can also add the compiler flag “-Mrecursive” to add the RECURSIVE prefix to all functions and subroutines.

Hope this helps,