Complement about topic: 2 GPUs NVIDIA RTX A2000 and A4000 in Manjaro

I need to update below topic, but it was closed.

2 GPUs NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPUs installed in Manjaro, but only the first GPU outputs are displayed

This topic it might help someone who has a similar problem.

I saw that the official Linux driver was updated from version 535 to 550 in last feb 23. The release notes contains some fixes about DRM.

Last week I installed the new driver, and I got success.
12 screens are works well with 3 gpus (A4000). This environment is working with 1080p resolution and DRM module, activated by modprobe.d file.

Sorry to open a new topic about it, but I think that I need to share this solution for all. I received a lot of help here.

So which route did you actually take, Prime or Mosaic?

In this case, it works using NVIDIA DRM.

NVIDIA DRM enables Nvidia Prime by default, and activates this feature for each display, that connected on the GPU 2 and 3.

One point of attemption is that NVIDIA Settings doesn’t works for displays on 2nd and 3th GPUs. It’s recommended use another screen manager like “Displays” in manjaro XFCE.

I guess they’re displayed as “PRIME Display”? Previously , the secondary gpu usually was amd or intel, so it couldn’t configure them. Now that nvidia gpus can be used as secondary output sinks, this is a shortcoming of nvidia-settings .

Yes. They’re displayed as Prime Display, but Nvidia-Settings shows these message “PRIME Displays cannot be controlled by nvidia-settings and must be configured by an external RandR capable tool”.

In this case, I can’t control PRIME Displays using Nvidia Settings, just using a default display config app of distro.