Completed Course, Building a Brain in 10 Minutes' but grade is still zero and can't get a certificate

For the course, Building a Brain in 10 minutes, I have run the example code snippets and completed the survey at the end.

I would like to obtain a certificate, but it says that my Grade is at 0% and that a grade of 50% is required to pass the course.

I can’t find any task or action to improve my grade. For example I can’t find a link to go to an exam at the end.

Please advise what actions are needed to improve my grade.


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I have reached out to the DLI team for an answer.


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Same issue here!

Hi @prithvimore33

Your problem may be related to a known issue with the platform. The team is working to resolve this ASAP.

Thanks for your patience,

Still facing same issue

@mummanajagadeesh97 Please open a new topic with the course title that is giving you the problem.

Couldn’t find any task or assignment to complete

Unfortunately, that course does not offer a certificate.

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