Component APW8805A burnt


the APW8805A component just burned on my TX1 dev board. This component is there to convert 3.3V -> 1.8V. Therefore the card doesn’t work anymore.
The card was in a car and the component burned when I plugged the power plug inside the power socket of the card.

There are 2 other TX1 dev kit in the car and I would like to understand why the component burned in order to not repeat the problem.
Does someone has an idea where it could come from and how to avoid it in the future?

Thanks all for your support.

APW8805 is a bulk DC/DC to convert 5V input to 1.8V output. This 1.8V output is power rail VDD_1V8. There are many components on VDD_1V8. Damage could be caused by over load, ESD or its own unexpected shorting power pin to ground pin. Also the over load could be caused by component on VDD_1V8, in this situation, you might need to check out which component is the root cause.