Composer long waiting time at first graph run

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) dGPU and Jetson
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only) 5.1.1
• TensorRT Version 8.5.1
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only) 530.41.03
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs) Questions
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Why do I have to wait for a very long time at the first time running a graph? I even have to left it over night before I can run deepstream-test1. I checked the logs /tmp/nvgraph_registry.log and there was a downloading process with no information in the composer. In the /root/.cache/nvgraph_registry/ngc-public/, I found different folders with different file sizes ranging from 8Mib - 46MiB.

Is this has something to do with connection issue? My download speed is around 50-75Mb here from Asia, but I think it still try to download from us region servers? Similar to what I posted last year about having a hard time to sync with ngc-public ngc-public-repo-sync-fails-connection-timed-out from Indonesia.

2023-06-04 02:29:55,699 - Registry - DEBUG - Importing ext libs from ngc repo for StandardExtension
2023-06-04 02:29:55,700 - Registry - DEBUG - Using cached variant /root/.cache/nvgraph_registry/ngc-public/8ec2d5d6-b5df-48bf-8dee-0252606fdd7e/2.1.0/linux/aarch64/ubuntu_20.04-cuda-11.4/8ec2d5d6-b5df-48bf-8dee-0252606fdd7e.tar.gz
2023-06-04 02:29:59,315 - Registry - DEBUG - Importing ext libs from ngc repo for MultimediaExtension
2023-06-04 02:29:59,316 - Registry - DEBUG - Using cached variant /root/.cache/nvgraph_registry/ngc-public/6f2d1afc-1057-481a-9da6-a5f61fed178e/2.1.0/linux/aarch64/ubuntu_20.04/6f2d1afc-1057-481a-9da6-a5f61fed178e.tar.gz
2023-06-04 02:29:59,674 - Registry - DEBUG - Importing ext libs from ngc repo for NvDsInterfaceExt
2023-06-04 02:29:59,675 - Registry - DEBUG - Using cached variant /root/.cache/nvgraph_registry/ngc-public/f787f50d-9004-4e85-88b9-1ed1894257f2/1.1.0/linux/aarch64/ubuntu_20.04-ds-6.2/f787f50d-9004-4e85-88b9-1ed1894257f2.tar.gz
2023-06-04 02:30:00,023 - Registry - DEBUG - Corrupt cache file /root/.cache/nvgraph_registry/ngc-public/f787f50d-9004-4e85-88b9-1ed1894257f2/1.1.0/linux/aarch64/ubuntu_20.04-ds-6.2/f787f50d-9004-4e85-88b9-1ed1894257f2.tar.gz
2023-06-04 02:30:05,061 - Registry - DEBUG - Downloading text file /root/.cache/nvgraph_registry/ngc-public/f787f50d-9004-4e85-88b9-1ed1894257f2/1.1.0/linux/aarch64/ubuntu_20.04-ds-6.2/f787f50d-9004-4e85-88b9-1ed1894257f2.tar.gz

How did you run the sample graph? Have you sync the extensions from NGC before you run the graph?


  • Open yaml file > Run Graph > Run


  • /opt/nvidia/graph-composer/ -d /opt/nvidia/graph-composer/config/target_x86_64.yaml app.yaml

Yes I did sync the extensions before using Composer (well you have to sync it before even using it)

I think it may be a network issue.

I think so too. I also had this problem last year when I tried to sync composer. Is the files originated in us regions? Is it possible to create an alternative location in asia or somewhere? Because it would be too much trouble if I have to connect to a vpn everytime to run the graph.

  • Maybe for future release, let the user know that there is a background process running to download more files. Since the composer will looks like its not working because there is no information.

Sorry for the inconvenience! The NGC services should obey the local law and regulations in all countries. From Nvidia side, there is no limitation for the users to access the NGC resources.

Okay then, so there’s nothing I can do about it

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