Composing videos, webserver and more


I’m working in a project to do the fowling:
Get 3 videos (2 FullHD @60fps max. and 1 720x480 @ 30fps max), get data from serial interface and generate a video with graphics (1920@360 @ 10 fps), then, the system will compose theses videos in 1 FullHD @30fps video and: stream it thought a webserver, enconde (h264 or vp8 or…), mix with a audio from a mic, encrypth and write to a file.
On the system, there is a web browser running in “kiosk mode” showing the streamed video and some controls to start and stop record, play previews recorded videos, etc.
Maybe we will need a database server too.

My question is: Is the TX2 capable of doing all theses things?

Actually I’m working with a TX2 Kit and a Leopard Image 3 cameras kit, and I’m nothing getting the expected performance using gstreamer, icecast and firefox. Any tool suggestion to increase the performance?

if you need more details, I can tell.
Any suggestion will be appreciate.

Thank you!

For your BSP version, are you on r28.3 or r32.1?

Please try to run jetson_clocks and profile the system status through tegrastats. tegrastats shows the system loading of CPUs, GPUs, other HW blocks.

I’m on BSP r28.2, because the drivers for my camera kit (Leopard image LI-JETSON-KIT-IMX274M12-T) only works on this version.

I’ll try to use the tools to check the status of my system, thanks!