Compute Buffers not bound with RayTracing


We are using Unreal Engine 5.0.3 with DirectX12 to utilize some RayTracing features, in particular RTXGI UE5 Plugin.

However, when starting up the Editor having DirectX12 enabled with RayTracing, we are encountering a crash due to a failed assertion in D3D12Raytracing.cpp (~5129) specifically on number of bound ComputeBuffers, as depicted below:

||check(IsCompleteBinding(Shader->ResourceCounts.NumSRVs, BoundSRVMask));|
||check(IsCompleteBinding(Shader->ResourceCounts.NumUAVs, BoundUAVMask));|
||// check(IsCompleteBinding(Shader->ResourceCounts.NumCBs, BoundCBVMask));|
||check(IsCompleteBinding(Shader->ResourceCounts.NumSamplers, BoundSamplerMask));|

Now we can disable assertion on the NumCBs, and raytracing runs (visually) fine. But we do wonder how critical that is, if there may be hidden issues under the hood and why this is even happening in the first place.

That is in particular of interest for us, as we are encountering memory leak issues when having RTXGI plugin enabled across UE5 start/stop play iterations in Editor, as video memory is exceeding with every start/stop play iteration.

Any thoughts are much appreciated, thank you!