Compute capability 5.0 laptop

Does anybody have experience with any laptop model that supports compute capability 5.0? I haven’t found much available to buy. I am not really worried about performance, just 5.0 support and hopefully something small.

Here’s a few 840m laptops:

Here are a few more options:

Smallest form factor CC 5.0 I have seen:
Gigabyte P34G V2:

Can’t beat the price:
Acer V3-572G: or or (1080p anti-glare matte)

My hypothesis is that the LCD panel in the Acer models is interchangeable (presumably an eDP panel). I’m assuming they use the same connection, but no proof of it.

Some other HP (Envy) models:

Thank you to txbob and vacaloca for some great suggestions. What we ended up finding in stock by our buying deadline was a Lenovo Y50. We received it and the developer confirms it is Maxwell.