computeprof hangs x11

Hi, as title says computeprof program hangs x11 and I have to reboot via hard power cycle. It wants to run my program a number of times. My cuda program runs once to completion during the next run x11 hangs. I have run the program through cuda-memcheck and no errors are reported, and I am able to run the program multiple times on the command line with and without x11 running and no problems. What could be the issue with computeprof?

Good news, problem solved!

Turns out I was not being patient enough. it seems that some counters really slow the execution down. I assume that this in conjunction with the xorg.conf option “Interactive” “false” results in an apparent x11 hang while the profiler runs. After observing the command line profiler slow down when enabling certain counters, I tried the visual profiler again, letting it run overnight and it was fine just took a while.