computeprof has bogus /home/rgunjal/qt-4.5.2/lib references


The qt libs and the assistant binary that come w/ the 3.2 computeprof/bin have bogus references hard compiled:

strings assistant |grep rgunjal

gives me


(same for all libQT* libraries).

This also applies to


which is auto-generated upon using computeprof and contains

usr\local\cuda\computeprof\bin\sqldrivers\, 0, x86_64
home/rgunjal/qt x11-commercial-src-4.5.1/mkspecs/linux-g+±64 full-config,

This causes mount requests to /home/rgunjal to show up in security reports (/var/log/*).
NVIDIA should remove these /home/rgunjal references and rebuild the affected files.
(It’s likely not just a Linux annoyance but also exists under Windows given the backlsash paths above.)



Frank: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will follow up with the profiler team.