Computer shuts down after a delay, using GTX 750 Ti and driver v346.35


I recently installed a GTX 750 Ti on my machine. I was previously using GTX 550 Ti.
Since the current drivers provided with Ubuntu 14.04 did not support the new card, I installed the 346.35 driver from the xorg-edgers PPA.

The card now works, with a few issues:

  1. Whenever I shut down my machine, the signal to the monitor stops immediately, but the computer doesn't shut down. It shuts down automatically after about 10 seconds when a beep sounds. It doesn't feel correct.
  2. At one point when I booted my machine, it reached the Ubuntu desktop, but the screen was tinted red. The computer then restarted itself. The GRUB screen after the restart was also tinted red. After I restarted it manually, everything seemed to work fine. This only happened once. I'm wondering if this is an issue with the drivers, or the card.

Here is the output of I did not run X in verbose mode. It can be provided on request.