Computer Vision Solutions Page: Launched

NVIDIA Virtual and Augmented Reality Community,

NVIDIA launched a Computer Vision Solutions Landing and Computer Vision Solutions Frequently Asked Questions Pages. Both pages are designed to help you discover our computer vision-related work across the company (software development kits, platforms, libraries, and other resources). Feel free to reach out to me with feedback- I am working with a set of developers to update and make this page more helpful. What computer vision problems are you trying to solve? Leave us a comment!


My vision is for the “Smart Contact Lenses” that are being developed to be used to revive / enhance and spur a revisit to the Nvidia 3D vision program. Precisely track eye motion/focal point, and put the finishing touches on whatever the glasses do, harmonizing/refining the 3D effects to near life-like simulation quality.
Have the monitor designed to be of a large scale as to encompass the entire FoV of the user, eye/head motion controls the panning/aim etc etc.

Might cut down of the float sensation experienced from the modern VR headset techniques. Certainly would be more awe inspiring than just strapping on a headset, probably “safer” too.

A cutting edge piece of technology, curved monitor with the eye tracking cameras embedded in the framing would allow for the old fashioned over the shoulder friend watching you game experience that we almost all had growing up, why not preserve and vastly improve on something as classic/great as that.

I feel consumers are spoiled with numerous trivial doodads, impractical bells and whistles, instead of the leaps and bounds of progress we should be expecting - I mean what is quantum computing all about and how will it relate to gaming. I imagine that we’d be capable of making our own Plug and Play games, like you piece together what engine you like, then the story/objective elements, UI etc and then you can choose whether or not the game is multiplayer, blend together different franchises so on and so forth.

I could see elements from MGS/Splinter Cell + Battlefield + CoD and even GTA as being very popular and eventually the PCs being powerful enough to play them at a sandbox and battle royale scale.

@Icarusprizepilot- this sounds really cool. Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear more about it and your work. Would you be open to having a conversation in the next week or two (2)?


I am disabled and don’t really work on anything. I’ve just been trying to reach out as a consumer to get some sort of feedback as to what we should/can expect in the near future and contribute what little I can.

I appreciate you wanting to connect but I don’t feel I’d have much to offer other than, questions and suggestions.

I certainly don’t have any work to show, just kind of grasping at technologies I know exist, and ways they could be implemented.

More conversation / dialog would probably do us all some good though.

@Icarusprizepilot- I am confident you have much to offer. I’d love to meet with you and hear your questions and suggestions. Would you be open to me scheduling a conversation in the next week or two (2)?

Rather nervous/anxious at the prospect of meeting/conversation a bit overwhelming, but probably wouldn’t hurt, I live in Ohio so phone call would probably be best.

I’ll probably spiral into a bunch of game specific stuff. Like how I’ve suggested to GSL (The main Starcraft pro scene/tournament managers in S.Korea) to get an iMax setup for their studio and VR feed for us folks at home.

I figure that it’d have to be implemented in SC3, or to rewrite SC2’s code to interface with the iMax display properly. Never have I heard of a game that’s playable on an iMax theater, or anybody with that level of home theater either.

The kind of socialism I want is where Jay Leno with his 50 vintage car garage (and super elites like him) give back to the consumer - a world where “they” enrich their fan base, the very people that make them what they are. So that we/the people can actually have the at home iMax to enjoy their works with. Instead we get some whitewash/one size fits all “tax the rich” campaign that punishes success and somehow portrays the AOC’s and Bernies of the world as heroes/geniuses, for coming up with the bright idea of using govn’t threats+force to steal from and shame the rich, who are the ones actually creating the things that make our plush lives so enjoyable.

Will probably just end up repeating things I’ve already written here on the forums. Or worse, talk about suppression of technology.

Things like implementing RFID chips instead of barcodes at grocery/retail stores. Technology that would sense what you put into your cart/leave the store with and charge your credit account with the store. Paying for your goods as you leave the store automatically, eliminating the need for cashiers / checkout lines.

Would probably have to roll out new/more strict anti-theft measures AKA watching customers more closely so hackers/thieves don’t reprogram the RFID chips with their smart phones and change prices.

I presume you’ve looked at my “Featured Topic” - that has a pretty good idea for revolutionizing the arcade. I want gaming to get to the point of actually being realistic simulations vs going off noticing when the pixels are out of place (map memorization), alerting you that there’s a baddie.

I want games to move toward more realism instead of perks and loadout metas ruling the day. I think with all the global surveillance that humanity is capable of that the whole world could be “captured” via drones and satellite imagery. Instead of making maps from scratch in engines, take microcosms of the real world capture and use those with additional terrain features and polish with overlays + texture aesthetics to give the desired immersion outcome.

If games were capable of sampling and making random configurations from this real world capture people could play on a new map/sandbox every match eliminating map memorization.

Hey @Icarusprizepilot! I apologize for the delay. I should have followed-up sooner. Would you be open to a phone call Monday morning, October 18th? I am not sure where you are located geographically, but I’d like to chat with you for 15-30 minutes if you have time. I am on east coast time.