Computer Vision Solutions Page: Refreshed

Computer Vision Developers:

We have updated the Computer Vision Solutions Landing Page, particularly for beginners and those new to NVIDIA software. In short, here are some high-level updates:

  • New section to briefly describe the common AI-based computer vision techniques, like classification, detection, and segmentation.
  • An introduction to free and easy-to-use pretrained computer vision models to help you get started
  • New and enhanced descriptors and descriptions for all NVIDIA software that enables your end-to-end computer vision development workflow
  • Larger “What’s New in Computer Vision” feed highlighting recent NVIDIA Blogs and News pertaining to computer vision
  • “Submit you Challenge” button to help you submit your questions/challenges/pain points with building computer vision solutions

If you have feedback on the Computer Vision Solutions Landing Page, NVIDIA computer vision software, or anything-related to computer vision, please reach out. Our team would be happy to hear from you.