Computing the PN-AEN Triangle Index Buffer

Hello :-)

I have read the presentation “Tessellation on Any Budget” and the whitepaper “Crack-Free Point-Normal Triangles Using Adjacent Edge Normals” by John McDonald. I would like to implement this technique in my tessellation program to avoid getting cracks in the displaced geometry. (Program is written in OpenGL and using Cg shaders)

It says in both documents that a reference implementation of the PN-AEN Triangle Index Buffer algorithm can be obtained by contacting NVIDIA’s Developer Support. So here I am, where can I find it?

Thanks in advance

hmm, not much activity on these forums it seems…


Like Darty, I would also like to know were can a reference implementation be found. I’ve tried to create my own, based on what is described on the whitepaper, but there’s something not working, and I would like to compare the solutions.

Thank you.