We are working with a customer on the software to support a board design that will use DSI to get in place a second HDMI ouput. Checking the pin distribution table on JetsonTX1_TX2_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification we saw 4 pins that are not clear how you would use them:

  1. In case of pins 66 and 68, is it okay to assume that this is DSI3_CLK if we select it on the pin mux? I see that these are available only on TX2

  2. Why there is a DSI4_CLK? should it be 0, 1, 2 and 3?


Hi, those pins are TX2 available only, they are null connected in TX1 module.

Hi Trumany,

 Correct but why there is a DSI4_CLK? Does it belong to DSI port A or Port B?


Hi DavidSoto, we are checking on this, will update when available, thanks.

Thanks, looking forward to hear about the function of those pins.