Concurrent Opencl processes on GPU with Hyper Q

I am intersted in running 2 OpenCL processes concurrently (for example if process A uses the 30% of gpu resources and the process B uses the 20%, both processes should use 50% of gpu resources).

Is it possible with a GPU with Hyper Q?
If yes how could I achieve it?

I know how to achieve it with concurrent kernels (using different queues) but not with concurrent processes.

Thank you in advance!

Kernels from separate processes will not run concurrently unless you use CUDA MPS. There is no corresponding system for OpenCL.

So, its not possible on OpenCL. Feed all your GPU work into/through the same process.

Thank you for your reply.

I just observed something very strange and I would like to ask you:

I run the opencl process ./program and with nvidia-smi I observed 6% GPU utilization.
When I run ./program & ./program I observe that the full GPU utilization is 30%.

I do not really understand why.
Theoritically, as concurrent processes are not supported, there should be a slicing scheduling between the 2 processes right? That means that the used SMs should be 6% right? (the same percentage of the single process as only one process is running on the GPU at any time).

Additionally, if somehow there was spatial scheduling (both processes fit on the GPU as there are available resources) the final GPU utilization should not be 6%+6%=12%?
Why it is 30%?

Could you please explain me what is happening?
Thank you

Any opinion about my last question.

I observe it whenever I run 2 opencl applications.

Is Hyper Q responsible for that? (finally concurrent opencl processes on GPU with Hyper Q) or this happens because of incorrect output of nvidia-smi?