Confidence scores with Resnet10 model

I want to get the detection confidence in the Kafka metadata stream. I made changes to the code to send confidence in the metadata. While I can see the confidence scores in the metadata stream when I use Yolo, I am not able to get the confidence when I use the Resnet10 model in Deepstream. This is the Resnet10 model that can detect cars, bikes, persons and roadsigns. Is this model designed to not put out confidence? Am I missing something?

You need to choose a cluster-mode != 0 (default) in order to get confidence for this model.

Thank you for your reply. I tried cluster-mode != 0, yet I am unable to get the confidence scores. I am not sure what I am missing.

This issue is duplicate to the Confidence scores with Resnet10 model.
Let us check the following on the above topic directly.