and riva_arm64_legacy_platform

The quickstart guide for riva 2.1.0 mentions the variable riva_arm64_legacy_platform however that variable is not in either of the files.

If you are using the Jetson Xavier AGX™ or the Jetson NX Xavier platform, set the $riva_arm64_legacy_platform variable to xavier in the file within the quickstart directory.

Please advise… thank you

Hi @vanessa.crosby

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

Thanks for letting us know about this information

The new release 2.2.x has this variable present in the,
ngc registry resource download-version nvidia/riva/riva_quickstart_arm64:2.2.0
our docs will be soon updated to point to 2.2 version


Looks good! I see it in here now… now just want the samples back! (hint)


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