Configurable Ports for CloudXR

As per the documentation, the ports on which CloudXR (Server) is listening are fixed to be:

  • Control 47999 (UDP)
  • Audio 48000 (UDP)
  • Video 47998, 48005 (UDP)
  • Microphone 48002 (UDP)
  • RTSP 48010 (TCP)

Is it possible or are there any plans to allow the configuration of these ports to something different? E.g. CloudXR Server 1 is running on ports 47998 - 48010, CloudXR Server 2 is running on Ports 48011 - 48023 etc. This would help tremendously in scenarios where CloudXR is streamed over the public Internet as it would e.g. allow to have just one public IP address and route to multiple CloudXR servers behind it listening on different ports. Having to use a distinct ip address per server is a deal-breaker for many organizations due to IT security concerns about whitelisting a lot of 3rd party servers / ip addresses.

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Of course, it might already be enough if the target ports would be configurable on the CloudXR client-side. That way, e.g. a network load balancer could be used to route the traffic accordingly (client 1 goes to ip address on port 48011 and is then routed to the CloudXR server running on port 47998 as usual but on a different ip address internally.

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