Configure 40-pin expansion header option was not found

Hello everyone,

Currently, I’m working on one project. In that project, I need to use a PWM pin but when I launched, configure 40-pin expansion header option was not found as shown in the figure. I purchase this jetson nano from this website.

It seems like certain files are missing in the rootfs. Do you use Jetpack 4.6.3 release? And use Nano-4GB-with-SD-card or Nano-4GB-with-emmc module?

I use Jetpack 4.6.3 and use Nano-4GB-with-emmc module.

Please try the commands and see if valid information is printed:

$ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ -l
$ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ -l all

If it still does not work, we would suggest re-flash system image through SDKManager and try again.

It shows only CSI connector option.

I tried 2 times but it doesn’t show this option.

Have you reflashed the device?

I have this same issue, bought the same version.

I’ve reflashed both with Jetpack 4.6.3 and 4.6.1 from sdkmanager aswell as downloading from embedded/linux-tegra-r3271 the L4T driver package and sample root filesystem and flashing with the ./ script included from those packages.

We have checked with our teams ad confirmed is supported on Nano-4GB-with-SD-card module. It is not supported on Nano-4GB-with-emmc module.

Ok, thanks!

Should perhaps make a new thread for this but it kind of relates to this topic.

I’m working with the Nano-4GB-with-emmc module. As it doesn’t work with how should i follow this for example: GitHub - Thor-x86/seeed-linux-dtoverlays: Device Tree Overlays for Seeed boards.
Where the steps are run → Configure Jetson for compatible hardwareMCP251x CAN Controller.

I can’t get my MCP2515( RS485 CAN for Jetson Nano - Waveshare Wiki ) to work with the Nano-4GB-with-emmc module after following multipe threads here on this forum with modifying the dts file etc. I’m stuck and unsure what to do next. Any help is greatly appreciated.

edit: See this comment for example: Jetson nano and mcp2515 can module - #233 by shgarg. What to do if i can’t choose MCP on jetson-io tool?

So how can i enable PWM pins in jetson nano emmc module?


Please use pinmux spreadsheet to confifgure the pins correct and generate device tree file(dts) And then compile it into dtb. Please refer to
Controlling LED brightness via PWM

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