Configure Default route for MGMT0?

Hello, I recently received x2 Onyx 2410M switches for a project I am working on. I am a bit confused on how to define a route for the MGMT0 interface only. Specifically I want a default route for my general vlan interfaces then have the MGMT0 interface use a separate default route that goes into my OOBM network.

This page references the command “ip default-gateway” when int he MGMT0 configuration mode. That command is not present.

Can someone please explain how MGMT0 default route works?

Hi Kevin,

If the default route on the mgmt0 interface is currently set to a next hop that is being provided by DHCP, the solution would be to disable DHCP on the mgmt0 interface, configure a static IP on the mgmt0 interface, and then configure a new static route with the next-hop IP for mgmt0. You can then use the ip default-gateway command for the default route going out your vlan interface:

no interface mgmt0 DHCP

interface mgmt0 ip address

ip default-gateway

ip route mgmt0

After making the above changes, the route table should display entries similar to the following:

[mlag-vip-domain: master] (config) # show ip route


F: Failed to install in H/W

B: BFD protected (static route)

i: BFD session initializing (static route)

x: protecting BFD session failed (static route)

c: consistent hashing

p: partial programming in H/W

VRF Name default: mgmt0 direct 0/0

default vlan55 static 1/1