Configure Serializer and Deserializer through Nvidia xavier NX

Hi NVIDIA Team ,
I’m using Nvidia xavier nx board and imx415 camera , We configured Serializer and deserializer register using MAXIM UI page . If i want to configure Serializer and deserializer register through nvidia board ,Ten can you tell me steps to achieve it or in which file i need to make a change for same .

Have reference to below document.

Thank you for providing information and quick support.
As I’m using imx415 sensor so in which camera file Do i need to add compatibility for MAX9295(Serialiser) and MAX9296(Deserializer) . since in this document they use imx390 and driver example is for Jetson TX2 and Jetson AGX Xavier . but i’m using Xavier NX , so any path difference is there in dtsi file?

You need reference to imx390 to implement for imx415.


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