Configuring 3v3 Capable GPIO in AUDIO_HV Rail Group


Post focuses on configuring module for a custom carrier; specifically the configuration of pin PCC.01 (DAP4_DOUT). While this is the only pin discussed in the post we are setting all pins in this group (AUDIO_HV and DMIC_HV) to be powered from the on-module 3v3 rail.

Get resolution on if the AUDIO_HV (and DMIC_HV) rails are of the pin type ST or CZ and the ability to configure said groups to be powered at and driven to 3v3 from the TX2i module.

Present process, pinmux/configuration files, and register reads to help in identifying why pin groups are not being driven to 3v3 (~250mV observed).

Discrepant documentation between TX2/TX2i datasheet (Jetson TX2 Series Module Datasheet-v1.8) and the remaining documentation available; including the TegraX2 Parker Technical Reference Manual, Jetson TX2/TX2i PINMUX spreadsheet, and Product Design Guide.

Datasheet specifies PCC.01 pin type as ST (Standard MPIO Pin) while all other documentation specifies it as a CZ (Controlled Impedance). Which is it?

We are working on getting a TX2i set up to configure the AUDIO_HV rail to be powered at 3v3 without success. We have verified register values in the configuration files, in U-Boot, and at runtime from the command-line. See below for screen shots of the mentioned values.

Only 1.8V supply is connected to AUDIO_HV in module.
It is CZ pin.

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