Configuring HDMI display pins of Jetson TX2 NX as GPIO

I was working on Jetson TX2 NX. In my target board, I am not using HDMI/display. So I am trying to configure DP0_HPD, HDMI_CEC, and DP1_HPD pins as GPIO pins. But I am not able to make them GPIO.

I edited the pin muxing table and generate dtsi file and flashed the board again.
when checking the state and direction in /sys/class/gpio/, it only shows ‘IN’ as direction and ‘0’ as state, even if it is set as output.

Please help me to make DP0_HPD, HDMI_CEC, and DP1_HPD pins as GPIO pins.

hello user19198,

please refer to developer guide, pinmux changes. you should execute to convert those *.dtsi files as new cfg file for image flashing.
please also check # cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio for the GPIO configurations,

Just in case any driver affects your result, please also disable nvdisplay in your device tree before following Jerry’s guidance here.

Thank youJerryChang and WayneWWW

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