Configuring NVIDIA's Build Customizations for Visual C++ 2010 Express


I have a Tesla K20 and have installed the CUDA Toolkit. I am using Visual C++ 2010 Express on 64-bit Windows 7 (along with the Windows SDK). I have successfully compiled and run some of the CUDA Samples.

I’m not sure how to configure Visual C++ to support CUDA development. The CUDA Getting Started Guide mentions “File -> New Project… NVIDIA -> CUDA -> Toolkit Version template,” but I don’t see anything related to NVIDIA coming up after New Project…

I did install Visual C++ after the CUDA Toolkit, could this be an issue?

I am new to both CUDA and Visual Studio so any step-by-step help is much appreciated. Thanks!

That series walks you through the process.
Make sure you are using the TCC driver for the K20.