Configuring pins on Jetson TX2 Jetpack 4.6

I’m moving from a raspberry pi 4 to a TX2. When modifying pins on the pi4 all I had to do was add the following to the usercfg.txt:
dtoverlay=w1-gpio #enables 1 wire
enable_uart=0 #disables uart pin 8 10
dtoverlay=uart2 #enable uart2 pin 27 28
dtparam=i2c_arm=off #disable 12c pin 27 28
dtparam=i2s=off #disable 12c pin 27 28

Is there a way to make the above changes to the TX2 pins? (preferably without re-flashing)

hello user7414 ,

are you going to enable 1-wire?
please refer to this discussion thread, Topic 192683 as see-also.

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