Configuring the deepstream pipeline

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Hi, I am making my own deepstream lpr app. Before this, the code is working fine as I haven’t added tee, msgconv, and msgbroker in my pipeline. But after adding these elements and linking them in the pipeline, when i run the app, it shows black screens with no output. Any advice for me on how to setup/configure the pipeline so that i can push the output from deepstream to messagebroker.

#Note, the arguments i input are correct, would need some advice on how to configure the pipeline.

Attached is the python file for reference.

deepstream_lpr_app.txt (35.4 KB)

I am new to gstreamer and configuring the pipeline, but i have some guesses here. Is it the screen is not displaying as i need to add 2 queues before tee/msgconv, so that 1 of the queue in the pipeline send data to messagebroker, while the other queue can be used for display purposes.

Thank you. I already solved it.

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