Configuring WRF-CHEM 3.5 with PGI: which option?


I would like to compile WRF-CHEM 3.5 on an Ubuntu 12.10 x64 machine.

On this machine I’ve already compiled the NetCDF libraries with PGI’s compiler (pgfortran/pgcc), and, therefore, it’s best to compile WRF with the same compiler.

Because of this I think I should select a configuration option of the WRF model which keeps this aspect into account (i.e.: it makes use of pgcc).

But the pgcc options seem to be tailored for specific architectures, since I can only see:

  • the ones specifically tailored for the NCAR Yellowstone system (Linux x86_64 i486 i586 i686 PGI compiler with pgcc YELLOWSTONE (serial/smpar/dmpar/dm+sm) )
  • the ones tailored for the message passing interface of SGI systems (Linux x86_64 i486 i586 i686 PGI compiler with pgcc SGI MPT (serial/smpar/dmpar/dm+sm)).

Otherwise I can choose options that make use of PGI compiler with gcc, but I’m afraid in losing compatibility with the NetCDF libraries.

What’s my best option?


Hi AZaldei,

While I don’t know the exact differences between these two configurations, my guess is it’s the MPI libraries used and the PGI flags are the same, The compatibility issues with NetCDF have to do with Fortran mod files and symbol naming, so using either gcc or pgcc doesn’t effect compatibility. PGI is object compatible with gcc, so it’s up to you which C compiler to use.

  • Mat

Thanks Mat,

therefore I think I should use the “PGI with gcc” option…