Confirmation window for entering sleep mode

We use power key to put the NX device in sleep mode like mobile phone. But we always got a confirmation window like below. Can we remove this confirmation window and let the device go into sleep mode immediately?

When power key is pressed and released, we set the sleep pin to put the NX device to sleep mode, not do it by software.

hello harry_xiaye,

IIRC, you could long press the power key to put the device enter different power modes.

Our power key is not same as the NX dev kit board power key. We use a STM32 chip to detect some keys and when power key is pressed, STM32 chip will set NX’s sleep/wake ping to put NX into sleep mode. Long press of power key is to shutdown NX device in our key behavior.

hello harry_xiaye,

you may modify the device node for using… gpio-timed-keys
please see-also kernel documentation for reference, i.e. kerenl_src/kernel/nvidia/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/gpio-timed-keys.txt

Hi @JerryChang ,

We have no problems for the power key. Our issue is when put the NX device in sleep mode(by sleep pin), we saw a window popup to ask user to choose. We dont want to this window popup, we hope the NX device go into sleep mode immediately.

hello harry_xiaye,

please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide,
it’s by default pin-240 as power-on key to issue system enter sleep mode, it’s ubuntu behavior to pop-up the power menu.
there’s pin-178, which could sending signal to indicate module for entering sleep mode directly.

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