Conflicting message from visual profiler


I’m profiling my kernel using NVidia Visual Profiler. I’m seeing the following in Properties window: Shared Efficiency 53.9%. There’s a yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in it next to this number, which I presume indicates some kind of a performance problem. Then I’m running “Analyze All” on my kernel and am seeing “Analysis completed and no issues have been found” under “Shared Memory Access Pattern”.

These two sound mutually conflicting to me. Are they? How do I interpret the above: should I look further into making my shared memory usage more efficient?

At the same time, “Global Memory Access Pattern” block does show plenty of global memory access issues, and I can easily track them back to my code, which the profiler opens perfectly, when I click on a particular row in the global memory access pattern diagnostic window. So, I presume the profiler can find my source file and relate back my executable to it.

Thanks in advance for your insights!