Confused about passing arrays up and down between GPU and CPU

I’m having some difficulty figuring out how to pass some arrays I’ve got. I have a matrix of size N:50 where N is defined by an input file. Both the device matrix and CPU matrix are both defined in the main program and allocated there. Then the device matrix is passed to the global subroutine that starts the code. Unfortunately I’m getting
PGF90-S-0525-Array reshaping is not supported for device subprogram calls: argument 14 to subprogram dsa_x0 (CRAFT_CLEAN.f90: 30)

And I’m not sure why. The way it’s currently set up is that the subroutine dsa_x0 is on the GPU (attributes global) and it takes the matrix to put results into as the 14th argument
and is declared like this within the subroutine.
real*8, dimension(:,50) :: p_outMatrix

I’m afraid I can’t quite figure out what the problem is. If this doesn’t make any sense I can post actual code snippets.

Nevermind, I’m blind, I was using the wrong name and thus passing the wrong shape. Please ignore this post.