Confused about RTX GPU recommend

I don’t know which is the right choice when choosing RTX to learn about the Omniverse, which is the right one?
In document or in launcher

@thuananpq here is probably a more comprehensive requirement breakdown for major apps within OV. Furthermore, this is a table for recommended GPU spec for both laptop and workstations.

hope this information helps!

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Whilst any rtx card will be able to open Composer and access the rtx renderer, we strongly recommend as much vram and power as possible. The official minimum has been upgraded from time to time. A 2080 with 8GB will work but be very slow. A 3080 with 12GB is much preferred as minimum. For professional use a 3090 with 24gb is considered a good minimum.

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@Richard3D out of curiosity, in terms of the GPU microarchitecture, is it true Ada Lovelace would perform better than Ampere in the context of OV usage? if so, how much is the tangible difference between the architecture?

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Whilst hard to give specific ratios, in general every new RTX generation has seen dramatic improvements. A 3090 will be much faster than a 2080, and again a 4090 much faster than a 3090. The same being true with an ADA A6000 over previous generation of A6000, generally with a 2x speed up.


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