Confused on my Nano model

Hello all, we have a number of Nano’s and are unsure what SD image to use for them. For example, the JetPack SDK has images for Xavier NX and Orin. I am a newbie to the models. On the PCB of our Nano’s it has “Model P3450”. Which image? From searching there are also Tx1’s and TX2’s I believe as well. My apologies for such a newbie question…I inherited this project.

The images I spoke of are at JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer, but learning the model terminology I am sure is essential when we move to our next steps. Thank all of you who help here. :)

JetPack/SDK Manager is a GUI front end to the software which actually gets flashed. The flashed content is “Linux for Tegra” (“L4T”), which in turn is just Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers. You can find a list of L4T releases here, which has links to the JetPack/SDKM which flashes those releases:

Typically, if you were to flash on command line, then it would go something like this (which is basically what the GUI does under the covers from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory of the flash software):
sudo ./ jetson-nano mmcblk0p1

In the above the “target” is “jetson-nano”, which tells the flash software to use “jetson-nano.conf”. In that same location you could see all of the conf files with “ls *.conf”. Any of those which describes your particular Jetson would be a target, less the “.conf” suffix.

Note that if you look at those same conf files with “ls -l *.conf”, then you’ll see many are symbolic links, which are just aliases for other file names. Overall any Jetson is a combination of the module model itself, plus the carrier board. One designation is for the module, the other for the carrier board (p3450 is one example, but there might be a series of compatible modules or carrier boards). Note that all of the “common name” aliases point at one of the more obscure “p####” conf files. Just use the name which matches the human-readable name of your Jetson.

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Very much appreciate your reply! You clarified my understanding of the terminology that I was just missing in the documentation!

I am still confused on the exact version of Nano I have but will work through it. The v5.x of Jetpack did not work on the Nano’s we have but a previous version did. That is what led to this post.

Again, very much appreciated!

I don’t specifically know the answer, but I see in one of the install software’s directories these as symbolic/hard link pairs:

jetson-nano-qspi.conf -> p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi.conf
p3450.conf -> p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi.conf

Someone from NVIDIA could tell you something about the specific model from “p3450”, but the above tells me this is likely just a dev kit. I don’t know if p3450 is for carrier board or module. Any QSPI is a reference to the boot memory which an SD card model uses (not a secondary SD card, but one used in boot).

Yes it is a DevKit. We have production nanos on sites but these kits are used in our dev department. The P3450 is the carrier board…the board with the USB ports on it. I am learning! lol

One thing I just noticed and forgot to mention earlier: No JetPack 5.x will work with a Nano. You’d have to stick with 4.x. The p3450 says this is a dev kit Nano, and Nanos do not receive new feature updates (which is what the JetPack 5.x is).

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