Confusing User Guide on SM Occupancy

I’m running Nsight Graphics 2020.5 on Linux using OpenGL, and see this reported on:

Range Profiler / SM Section / SM Occupance: 10.06

When I consult the User Guide:
…the SM Occupancy value gives you a percentage of how full the shader unit was with warps.

I’m pretty sure that this is not a percentage, though. The mouse-over tool tip refers to the metric:


This is not a percentage. If it was, it would be annotated with .pct or .pct_of_peak_xxx

My profile run was on GTX 1650, which reports a warp size of 32, I assume it is only occupied at a third of capacity?

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this issue with confusion in our User Guide documentation. I’ll get some clarification with the engineering team and get back to you on your question.