Connect GPS mouse to PX2

I am trying to connect a GPS mouse with an RS232 interface to the PX2 following the instructions in the sample tutorial. In there its said that /ttyACM0 is the correct interface. In my /dev/ folder on the PX2 there is no ttyACM0, and therefore i receive an error when following the recommended steps. I tried every other tty interface (tty0 to 60 something) but with no success. Do I have to install the ttyACM0 interface somehow? I did not find anything in the documentation concerning this issue … Thanks!

Hello uoubeslu,

Could you please check your using DPX2 PDK version? Beta1.0?
Are you using FTDI devices for serial-to-USB?
Please see “/usr/local/driveworks-0.2.1/doc/nvdwx_html/dwx_gps_loc_sample.html” Thanks.

Hi Steve,
thanks for your reply. I am indeed using PDK Beta 1.0.
I tried to connect the GPS receiver to the UART interface on the cable harness since the GPS receiver is UART compatible according to its documentation. Would you recommend using an USB to RS232 adaptor and connect it to the USB hub instead?
I’ve read the file you mentioned, but I did not gain any insight on how to solve my problem from it.
Thanks again for any help, much appreciated

Hello uoubeslu,

Unfortunately, DrivePX2 PDK Beta 1.0 has UART GPS connection issue.
Could you check CONFIG_USB_ACM, CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM status with below commands?

zcat /proc/config | grep -i CONFIG_USB_ACM
zcat /proc/config | grep -i CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM

If can’t display “CONFIG_USB_ACM=m”, “CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM=m”, maybe need to re-build.
FTDI serial interface is one of option as a workaround.
But we will release new version PDK in May. This issue has been fixed in new version PDK. Thanks.

You need to reconfigure and rebuild your kernel and reflash the PX2. The process is pretty simple but make sure you copy your kernel to the kernel-rt_patches directory not the kernel directory.

Hello SteveNV,
we’re having a similar issue and would like to wait for the PDK-update before trying to fix it in the kernel ourselves.
Any news on the May release date?

Hello All,

We’ve updated DrivePX2 PDK Beta 2.0, please see Thank.